National flag of Germany NSDAP Historical NAZI Flag with Swastika

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Available in 3×5, 2×3 foot with grommets and 12×18 inch on a stick

The German Flag with Swastika was used from 1920-1945. It was used by the Nazi party (National Socialist German Workers Party) and was designed by Adolf Hitler. NSDAP in german.

The swastika itself has much older and deeper roots, going back many thousands of years. (It was used as a symbol of luck, even in the United States, before World War II.)

As a flag, it is presented here in historical context. However, some groups use this flag today in an underground, unofficial capacity. We ship this flag worldwide, but in some areas it may be illegal to display or posses such a flag.

This is a controversial Image, be mindful of its extreme emotional value and the level of offense displaying this flag can create. For that reason, we do not recommend this flag be displayed anywhere outside of it historical context. Some people take great offense to this image.

Historical revisionist groups have attacked this flag, making themselves tyrants. We offer this flag in protest to such behavior.

Other Sizes and Designs on National Socialist Flags

Theatrical use Sound of Music, The Man in the High Castle


2×3 Standard, 3×5 100D Nylon, 3×5 Standard, 4×6 inch desk flag Standard