German Army WWII Flag, Historical NAZI Flag 3 X 5 ft. Standard With 6 Imperial German Bumper Stickers

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This is a “Balkenkreutz” flag, meaning that the cross (or “kreutz”) consists of two “Balken,” the German word for bars. The cross is a simplified version of the Iron Cross. This symbol was used by German forces to mark their military vehicles, aircraft, and ships. These flags were in use by the German Army so the Luffwaffe (German Air Forces) could recognize their own troops, particularly armored units, draped over vehicles. As vehicle recognition flags they also helped the Luffwaffe pilots see where the German front line was. There are reports of them being used by the “SS-Totenkopf” units on the Eastern Front. A photo taken on the Eastern Front in 1944 shows one draped over a German tank (if you want to see this, send us an email and we’ll attach the photo in reply). There are also some reports of these flags being used as late as the Battle of the Bulge in 1945. Some of them were brought back to the States by American soldiers returning from World War II. This flag is often called the Balkan Cross Flag, but that is an incorrect translation from the German. In English, the word Balkan refers to the Balkans, which are certain countries occupying part of Southeastern Europe. (This flag does not have anything to do with the Balkans.)